Concept development of a voice user interface. KARLI & TWT.

In the KARLI project, TWT is working on optimizing human-machine interaction by integrating specific applications. This case focuses on the conception of a voice user interface.

Author: Dr. Tobias Rößler

At TWT GmbH, innovation and the spirit of research has always been at the heart of our company. TWT stands for “Technisch Wissenschaftlicher Transfer” (Technical Scientific Transfer) – in accordance with our company name, we have dedicated ourselves to transfer the latest scientific findings into the economy.

Our focus is on human-machine interaction, in particular on the concept development of a voice-user interface, is exactly what led us to participate in the KARLI project. 

Founded in Stuttgart in 1986, TWT now has around 300 colleagues at various locations in Germany. With a focus on IT and engineering, we operate in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and energy industries.

We have already gained experience in the development of empathic assistants for vehicles in previous research and customer projects. For example, we were able to develop a driving assistant that used machine learning to detect negative user states, such as uncertainty or frustration, in context and reduce them through adaptive speech- and display-based HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces).

This is exactly the expertise we would like to bring to KARLI.

In addition to conceptualizing a voice user interface, our knowledge in machine learning and data analytics will be applied in the project when it comes to developing methods for context and driving situation recognition.

In addition, we are working on making the identification of emotional states and signs of motion sickness possible through Machine Learning.

With our expertise in AI and user-adaptive technology, we consider ourselves an ideal link between research and industry in KARLI. Being able to conduct research on the vehicle of the future within this framework is highly motivating for us.

The diversity of topics we can contribute to is not the only good thing about KARLI – it is also simply fun to work together, as the project offers a very good and harmonious consortium.

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