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News & publications of the consortium partners

Report abstract: Display of Artificial Intelligence in the Vehicle HMI

The KARLI AI-MMI (Artificial Intelligence of Human-Machine Interaction) work package focuses on the question of how the use of AI will affect the appearance of an MMI. This is also the subject of the report “Display of Artificial Intelligence in the Vehicle HMI” by Dr.-Ing Peter Rössger. Read the summary here.

UX concepts for the vehicle of the future. KARLI & HdM.

The focus of the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) in the KARLI project is on the evaluation and development of user-centered AI solutions for automated driving vehicles. The goal is to combine a high level of safety with a successful user experience (UX).

Developing AI-driven in-vehicle interaction. KARLI & Audi.

Within KARLI, Audi is working on AI-based interactions in the vehicle with regard to person- and context-sensitivity. The goal is for the human-machine interface to behave adaptively based on the user and system state of the individual operating history.